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Forest Lake Doctors Serves patients from Larapinta | Bulk Billing Available | Open 7 Days | Male - Female GPs Available

Forest Lake Doctors

What Conditions do the Doctors in Heathwood Treat?

The Forest Lake Doctors  has some of the most trained and exceptionally qualified doctors who provide their medical services and assistance in the following cases –

  • Medical emergencies like accidents
  • General sickness
  • Chronic ailments

What services are available in the health care medical centre?

You can avail the following services in the health care medical centre in Heathwood –

  • Children’s health problems
  • Men’s health problems
  • Women’s health issues
  • Allied health problems
  • Sports injuries, etc.

For women centric health conditions and considering the comfort of female patients, there is an option to take the treatment from the female GP doctors in Forest Lake Doctors.

When can you avail the benefits of Bulk Billing Doctors?

You will be provided full coverage of your treatment in any of the following cases -

  • Registered with Medicare
  • Registered with Veterans Affair
  • A pension card holder
  • Any healthcare card holder

 You can book an appointment with these bulk billed doctors and get your necessary treatment with the Forest Lake Doctors, but first book an appointment by calling on 07 3278 8877.



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