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Welcome to Forest Lake Doctors

The Forest Lake Doctors is a leading medical center in Forest Lake that has a seasoned team of male and female doctors, nurses and reception staff aim to provide world-class personal medical care and complete health management in a friendly and caring environment. Patients come to hospitals with lots of pain and stress. And above that any heavy bill and expense will definitely make them more stressful. That’s why choosing a medical center with bulk billing services is utmost important. And we are here to provide you *Bulk Billing Available health treatment services. Bulk billing facility is when your doctor bills Medicare directly and accepts scheduled fees from Medicare. This means, no need to burn a hole in your pocket anymore.

We offer best-in-class medical services to the residents of Forest Lake, Ellen Grove, Heathwood, Doolandella, Inala, Inala Heights, Durack, Pallara, Carol Park and other local suburbs. Our medical center in Forest Lake provides a variety of general practice services, such as women’s health, children’s immunization, mental health, eye conditions, travel medicine, work cover medicals, corporate medical examinations, driver’s license medicals, skin cancer checks and skin problems. Our female GP doctors in Forest Lake are certified and hold rich working experience in providing quality medical treatment to female patients. Our health doctors in Forest Lake protect you from flu season by providing flu vaccination at lowest cost for this season!

We are located next to Australian Post and near to Malouf Pharmacy in Forest Lake Shopping Village.

Know More About Our services...

Our Services for your Health !!!

Preventive care

Preventive care

  • Vaccinations, Immunisations & Repeat Scripts
  • Wellness & Health Checks
  • Testing & Screening
Health Management

Health Management

Health assessments for 3-4 years old, 45-49 years old, 40-49 years old at high risk of diabetes, 75 years and over, Disabilities.

Full Nursing Care

Full Nursing Care

Full Nursing Care including injections, wound care, ears syringing, ECGs, Spirometries, Weight and BP monitoring & House Call Doctor.

Allied Health Services

Allied Health Services

Allied Health Services : My Health Team which include Team Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist and Dietician.

Our Range of General Practitioners Services:

Forest Lake Doctors- Always at Your Service

We are a GP near Forest Lake and serve the residents of Forest Lake, Ellen Grove, Heathwood, Doolandella, Inala, Inala Heights, Durack, Pallara, Carol Park and other local suburbs with exceptional medical services. Here at Forest Lake Doctors, we pride ourselves on our high quality medical service. Our friendly staff will always serve you with a smile and are always ready to help you with any of your medical needs. We strive hard to provide the best service possible and spread awareness about individual health GP near Forest Lake. Our motto at Forest Lake Doctors is to provide the highest standard of patient care while incorporating a holistic approach towards the diagnosis and treatment of the illness. Our dedicated staff here is committed to promoting health, wellbeing and prevention of disease for all patients. We do not distinguish in any way in the provision of excellent care as well as focus to provide treatment to all patients with dignity and respect. Forest Lake Doctors is your one stop shop for all your health care needs; we provide a variety of general practice services in Forest Lake, such as women’s health, children’s immunization, mental health, eye conditions, travel medicine, work cover medicals, corporate medical examinations, driver's license medicals, skin cancer checks and skin problems. All our services as mentioned above are under Bulk Billing.

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Here at Forest Lake Doctors, we avoid a wide range of services to fulfill our customer’s needs. We pride ourselves in the range of services that we offer. Forest Lake Doctors provide a wide range of services ranging from absolute basic services like immunization, general health checkups to advanced and complicated procedure like cancer treatments. Our services are one of the best GP near the vicinity of Forest Lake


If you haven’t had a vaccination in the recent times and are on the look out for some professional help, then look no further than Forest Lake Doctors providing our GP near Forest Lake. From vaccination for children to those for adults, the immunization team at Forest Lake provides the necessary vaccinations for all. New born babies need delicate care and utmost attention; we are glad to take the responsibility of maintaining their immunization cards and make sure that they get the required vaccines in time. Your baby is in safe hands with us, as we would take care of your baby just as you would. We, at GP Forest Lake take our customers’ wellbeing with very high regard, our staff of nurses and doctors are well experienced in their field of work; every member has an undisputed work experience of minimum 3 years in dealing with various vaccines. We do not compromise on quality and use only sterilized injections which are later used for giving vaccines. Our high standards of cleanliness will out shine any other hospital, this kind of care to detail and meticulous attention to care is what puts us ahead of everyone else . With that extra attention to care for the patient, we make the immunization process a lot easier and better for the patient because we’re always present to personally make sure the patient is given the right vaccinations and whether or not they are following the prescriptions prescribed by us.

Skin Cancer Treatments

Cancer of any kind can be fatal and life threatening. Unless the issue at hand is dealt with in time and the patient is given the necessary health care, the consequences that need to be faced might be deadly. Out of all the known cancers, the one which can take on humans very easily is skin cancer. If not approached by an expert, the symptoms might go unnoticed or mistreated. The Forest Lake Doctors team of skin cancer treatment is very well experienced in the field of skin cancer treatment and will provide you with the necessary aid with utmost professionalism. Here, the doctors have vast experience in treating cancers and spotting potential cancer developments.

The surgical treatments for skin cancer -

  • Skin biopsy
  • Surgical excision of all skin cancer types
  • Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) – Surgical excision, Curettage and Diathermy
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) – Surgical excision and follow-up
  • Melanoma – Surgical excision and follow-up
  • Flap repair and full thickness skin grafting, if required

Non-surgical skin cancer treatments -

Some types of skin cancers can be treated by non –surgical methods such as :

  • Aldara Cream for superficial BCC and "sun-spots".
  • Cryotherapy (Freezing)

Other Surgeries or Treatments

  • Surgical excision of benign skin lesions, cysts and lumps (for diagnostic and medical reasons)
  • Shave excision of benign skin lumps
  • Cryotherapy ( cryosurgical destruction ) – "age spots"

We at Forest Lake don’t limit ourselves with just the above mentioned services, We are experts in providing other services too such as:

  • Women’s health
  • Men’s health
  • Family and children care
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Allied health services
  • Travel health
  • Full nursing care
  • Health management
  • Preventive care
  • Pathology
  • Sexual health
  • Sports medicine
  • Antenatal care